P51D " Moonbeam McSwine "

Aircraft of Cpt William ' Bill " Whisner 352th Fighter Squadron - 487th Fighter Group the ' Blue Nosed Bastard of Bodney "

Moonbeam McSwine 1944/1945

Moonbeam McSwine 2013
NAA TYPE: P-51D-25NA Serial # : 44-73656 (44-12473 adopted in 1974)
Registration : F-AZXS
Past Registration : N2151D - N5073K- N32FF

Moonbeam McSwine: The unwashed but shapely form of languid, delectable Moonbeam was one of the iconic hallmarks of Li'l Abner .? an unkempt, impossibly lazy, corncob pipe-smoking, flagrant (and fragrant), raven-haired, earthly (and earthy) goddess. Beautiful Moonbeam preferred the company of pigs to suitors .? much to the frustration of her equally lazy pappy, Moonshine McSwine. She was usually showcased luxuriating among the hogs, somewhat removed from the main action of the story, in a deliberate travesty of glamour magazines and pinup calendars of the day. Capp designed her in caricature of his wife Catherine (minus the dirt), who had also suggested Daisy Mae's name

History / Previous Identities

1944: Oct - Manufactured at Inglewood, Los Angeles California as serial #44-73656
1945: Mar 29 - Accepted by USAAF, via Newark NJ shipping dock to 8th USAAF depot in Great Britain. Not assigned
1945: July - returned to USAAF depot, Newark NJ
1947: Mar 31 - to TX ANG, 182nd FS, Brooks AFB, San Antonio
1950: Nov 16 - to 136th FG, CONAC, Langley AFB, VA 1950: Dec 26 - reassigned to TAC
1951: May 03 - to CO ANG, 120th FS, Buckley Field, Denver CO
1953: Mar 31 - to MN ANG, 109th FS, St. Paul MN 1956: Dec 10 - storage at McClellan AFB, Sacramento CA
1958: Aug 17 - N5073K, sold surplus at McClellan to Delta A&E Parts Inc of N. Carolina for $1,307.50
1958: Nov - N5073K (Mike Coutches) Hayward CA 1958: Dec - David Lindsay Jr. - Trans Florida Aviation, Sarasota FL
1963: sold, North Carolina 1963: Howard Olsen, Midland TX, racer #1 1963: reworked by Cavalier Aircraft in Florida
1968: Lefty Gardner, Galveston TX 1968: Salvadorena FAS 406 (El Salvador Air Force)
1974: Oct - N32FF Jack Flaherty, Monterey CA, adopted #44-12473
1975: Gordon Plaskett, King City CA. Restored as "Moonbeam McSwine"
1975: N2151D, won Grand Champion Warbird in Fresno CA
1981: Mar - Chris Williams, Ellensburg WA1988: Apr - Vlado Lenoch, LaGrange IL
1997: Reno - finished 5th in Bronze at 362 mph
1999: Reno - finished 1st in Bronze at 369 mph.
2000: Reno - qualified 27th at 298 mph. Flies in the USAF Heritage Flights. Seen regularly at shows around the USA until 2012
2012 : Dec .? sold to Frédéric Akary France
2013 : May registered F-AZXS .? first flight at Avignon south of France. Seen regularly at shows around Europe since June 20

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